Sunday, November 2

Sunday Shine* { 12-Piece Fried Heart }

Last weekend, this man flew me down South to spend two days with him. We'd been talking on the phone a few days earlier and out of the blue he says, "If I bought you a ticket, would you come down for the weekend?" I said yes before I could (over)think about it. It started off rocky (my flight got in late, he overslept, I sat in the airport for hours thinking the worst things), but as soon as I saw him the fear and anger just left me.
I slept in his arms. After two weeks of recurring nightmares, I slept real good in those arms. We actually spent most of our time in (the softest) bed.
"he tells me all his secrets, he thinks nobody knows,
we lay together in daylight, I love him so"

We managed to steal a few moments to get in his car and drive out to the country. I kept my hand in his for those two days. We kissed and laughed a lot, ate really good food, kissed and laughed some more. And then I had to come back to New York.

I don't know what it all means. I do know that the time I spent with him was so deliciously warm and happy. Maybe the real purpose of the trip was for us to be loved and to love. We let our attraction for each other do what it do, no questions asked, none needed. I did think to myself a few times this is what I wanted for us when we were together. I thought maybe we should be back together. I'd like that. But it doesn't really matter what I'd like to happen, and regardless of what does happen, my two days with him were perfect.


GirlGriot said...

Mmm... sounds like a wonderful two days. I'm so glad for you!

Anonymous said...

This made me cry. I am in the midst of really feeling emotions about a lot of things and this post is making me dig deeper and cry harder. Thank you.