Monday, November 3

I'm Ready

to take part
to take pride
to expel the total despair
to know we have a fighting chance
to thank The People
to start somewhere
to be ready
to be cautious but not fearful
to honor those who helped bring us the waiting line
to befriend those who wait with me
to finally be done with the wait
to do my grandma proud
to say it happened in my lifetime
to see it happen while they're still babies
to welcome a good example
to shake my head in sheer amazement
to smile
to cry
to cry
to cry
and then laugh, laugh, laugh

y'all ready?


GirlGriot said...

SOOOO ready!! I'm itching to get out the door tomorrow and head over to St. Mark's. I think this may be the first time in my life I've ever wanted to say "Happy Election Day" to random strangers!

Anonymous said...

I been ready.
Barack is that
rare somebody
that let's
the Universe
use him.
And thats
why I adore
him so.