Sunday, October 5

This Isn't A Teaching Blog

So, I was checking the stats for this blog and I noticed quite a few folks have gotten here from a link on How lovely to be a part of their blog roll of NYC educators, but it got me thinking about the intentions I had when I started this blog, and about the people that read it. Who is clicking the link (and they've been clicking...) and what are they expecting to read when they arrive?

I'm a teacher, but this isn't a teaching blog.
I chose this profession when I was very young. Being a teacher has been at the front of my mind for many, many, many years, and my ideas of what it means to be a teacher have been shaped by every other identity I can think of. The lines between Black woman/suburban 80's baby/lover/Brooklyn resident/writer/daughter/public school teacher don't exist here and I'd be doing myself a disservice to even attempt to write away an identity. I'd like to be able to write, concretely or evasively, about my skin and my vagina and my job without worry.
It's my hope that people read everything here, but especially the entries that are about teaching, knowing this much.

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