Sunday, October 5

Sunday Shine* { Good Company }

Went to First Saturday last night with R.
She offers such a brash perspective on things. I like that she doesn't have time for excuses, hers or anyone else's.
We grabbed wine, hid it under our scarves as we toured the galleries. I only wanted to see "A Little Taste Outside of Love" (my new favorite piece by Mickalene Thomas, which really needs to be seen in person, because you must see it in its true proportions to absorb all the gloss and rhinestone fabulousness), but R hadn't been to the museum "in forever", so we saw every single thing. Wine will change the point of view real quick. I found myself becoming very impatient with a lot of the pieces. R was even worse than I was, berating the curator's tastes, slapping my ass for not agreeing with her, and being deliciously obnoxious. Then we went downstairs and danced to the Spice Girls until it was time to sit down with a drink and act like adults again. Sometimes I get a glimpse of a friend (or myself) as an older woman and it's hilarious.

This evening, if you are reading this and you live in Brooklyn and especially if you are in the mood to be supportive, loving, sisterly, inspired, motivated, reminded of your beauty, then you should attend:

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pomegranate queen said...

wish i was in brooklyn. sigh.