Friday, October 3

Something Is Happening

The stars have realigned themselves. The hurricanes blew something into the air. The equinox. My spine has shifted. And I started believing in the only thing I can prove.

A period of total sadness then a period of release followed by a period of inquiry and cleansing, and now I am at love. I stand before it, climb on it, push it onto whoever stands before me and asks me for anything. All I have is love to give. It's funny that when all you have is love to give, all you receive is love. I see its nuances reflected in every single action.

I am superstitious so I keep my worries unwritten. But I feel like most of my questions have been answered; I've got an abundance of fulfilled wishes and a satisfied curiosity. Retrograde doesn't frighten me at all - because I feel more grounded and real and accessible and shameless than I ever have, and I sit comfortably with my intuition, a great long term memory and the knowledge that nature abhors a vacuum. To all my friends who promised me it would get better: I love you.


C said...

I TOTALLY wished I hadn't read about the retrograde. I don't like to be superstitious either, so I hope that everything goes well for you ;)

Anonymous said...

love is a wonderful thing.
i'm glad you're back and i hope everything keeps gettin lovelier!

Rethabile said...

Nice to meet you. Best.