Friday, February 15

Little Liberties

They talked. They paired up, tripled up. They moved around the room, lay on the rug. It made me so nervous, but I bit my tongue. I kept feeling like we were on the brink of chaos... but, no. They were comfortable & so they acted as such, chatting, roaming, collaborating students, working on the assignment I gave them. One small step for them, a giant leap for Ms. B.

Now: Nine days of me-time. So much planned, but if anyone asks me what I'm up to, the answer will be "Nothing at all. Just the way I like it."


Anonymous said...

congratulations. teaching success is all about small victories and lessons learned.

enjoy your break and get some rest.

p.s. do you know about this organization?

ahnka said...

I knew about but not .net. Very different... both useful.