Wednesday, February 13

Off the Cow

Tomorrow makes seven days of dairy-free existence.
The idea of what I was going to eat next was daunting at first, but now I don't have to give it much thought. While the alternatives aren't bad, I do miss things. Pizza. Hard cheeses. Frozen yogurt.
I haven't thrown out my "real" mayo, bread, and greek yogurt either. I don't want to waste, and I'm not sure if this is going to be a long-term change.

It's easiest to eat fresh, raw foods, with some sushi & thai thrown in for good measure. I haven't felt motivated to try out recipes, but if you can point me to a good vegan mac n' cheese one, I'll luv u 4eva! I'm surprisingly satisfied eating a couple handfuls of veggies with some steamed rice.

The only disappointment is that I did this thinking I'd see some kind of improvement in my skin. I haven't (yet).
But I eat more slowly, I've lost several pounds, I'm satisfied with smaller amounts of food, and I've felt more focused and energetic, which is not to say I'm not happy about the mid-winter break next week.


PurpleZoe said... has powdered soy milk (one package makes 8 quarts and costs 5 beans) that isn't made from genetically manufactured beans ^_^. Also, not sure if your local grocer has a decent health section but Boca products are off the hook and there are tasty non-meat versions of nearly everything you would need from a deli, incl. soy based mayo.

You can try Annie's Mac and cheese products. They're not bad and you can substitute regular milk for the soy.
The site is

Also, reports and archives all kinds of fly recipes, and reports on the tastier soy products, so you can find cheeses to make pizza with.

Oh and I feel you on the skin thing as I have a similar plight. From what I understand it's largely a Root chakra issue which has alot to do with the elimination system and spiritually being adept at letting go. Luckyvitamin has colon cleanses and general detox products that assist the body in eliminating metals, and other items that interfere with the natural flow of energy.
Liz Haye's book (You can heal your life-- Classic ^_^ and pretty much an indispensable book) says skin health has to do with our sense of individuality.

Much Respect & Pardon the surplus nature of this comment, Sister Star

ahnka said...


I've been drinking a lot of almond and rice milk because as much as I love soy milk (it's what I usually dirnk), I afraid of overdoing soy, since I've also been eating soy cheese/mayo/yogurt/ice cream - all of which I already liked or am learning to like more & more ;)

I've tried a lot of Annie's products in the past and I'm just not a fan. I tried a boxed version of vegan mac & cheese by some brand... it was disgusting! And Amy's makes some good dairy-free products, but I'm having trouble finding them even at stores like Whole Foods.

I really struggle with releasing negativity and have always believed that it was manifesting in my skin. Lots of reading later, and now your comment, I'm pretty

Thank you so much for the suggestions - they're alwasy welcome! - I'm definintely going to check out the blogs, books & Luckyvitamin.

kameelah said...

i have had issues with my skin and i recently found out that my issue may be relating to a zinc deficiency. (do some google searches) so make sure you are getting enough zinc (which usually comes in meats, but can be found in stuff like spinach) and maybe the skin issue will improve. since i've stopped drinking milk and limited cheese my skin has had less breakouts and my blemishes are healing more quickly. i also use zinc cream on my skin at night and turmeric during the day.

ahnka said...

Kameelah -

Thank you for the suggestions.

PurpleZoe said...


Tis a pleasure.

Been there with the nasty vegan mac and cheese products. I had an ordeal with a vegan product that promised it was delicious and came in a green box for added measure. I was decieved! It was like moist cardboard.

It's not the easiest hunt. Will definitely drop the word by if I find something better than Annie's.

I've struggled releasing negativity as well, and find that salt baths (though it's recommended sea salt be used) are extremely helpful getting toxins out of the skin and aura.

It's taken a minute for me to get my lower chakras in order, and though I worried it was too slow-going, it's been worth it. If you dig the idea of Reiki, is an organization that has over 921 Reiki healers send good chi (distance balancing) to balance anyone who signs up on their list.
I think it's only for a week but you can always sign up again as much as you like from what I hear. UU has a Sunday Reiki list as well.

Happy Friday & Peace in your sphere B!

Kiandra said...

congratulations on going dairy free! its hard as heck for the first few weeks than it just gets better with time..i've been off for three years i think.

i have lots of info to share with you to help you out on your journey...i make vegan man n cheese and even made pizza the other day...i'll point you to some of faves...

i'll post a vegan mac n cheese recipe on my blog in a few days...and if you like it i got some book resources that you'll love.

best vegan milk, imho...almond breeze vanilla almond milk, rice dream chocolate milk, and pearl chocolate milk (if you like your milk sweet) my husband is a new non-diary convert and he doesn't like his milk sweet so he's been drinking pearl unsweetened. my kids drink silk very very vanilla it is fortified especially for kids...they love it...and of course we do the soy and rice ice creams...ooh you gotta try all things tofutti...okay that's it...i'll do a non-dairy post on my blog...that'll help...

hope you have a good day...and keep up the good definitely gets much easier...and you'll see the improvements soon.

btw..thanks about the cookies...i need to stop baking so much...but man i just love it!

ahnka said...


A dairy-free eating post would be MUCH appreciated. Recipes, books, blogs... I need 'em all!

Oh.. Tofutti = scrumptious!