Sunday, September 23

Sunday Shine* { Infinite Islands }

"Platano Pride" by Miguel Luciano

In a place where people cannot afford to create their identity through consumerism and conspicuous consumption, they must create identity from the inside out—suffering, rejoicing, working hard to survive, and living a real life.
- Storm Saulter

I'm going to finally see "Infinite Islands: Contemporary Caribbean Art" at the Brooklyn Museum today. It was packed when it opened and I want to be able to take my time, since it always takes me a while to get through an exhibit. I'm taking K with me, but I haven't told him where we're going. I guess I get a little nervous about art museums as dates because you either like the exhibit or you don't. Anyway, it is definitely nice to have a show on West Indian artists in Brooklyn.

Woke up early... made myself some scrambled eggs, blueberry waffles and soy sausage... it's sunny out and it's gonna be a good day.

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