Tuesday, September 25

(Not the) Greatest Day

That good ol' "fuck NYC public schools" feeling that was running through my veins last year has returned with a vengeance. I promise you about three of the people I work with are surely doing the devil's work.
And I am brokety-broke. For reals broke. 100% broke. Not playin games broke. Extra broke. It is truly a miserable thing. Good thing I got those Lean Cuisines on sale months ago.
And I dropped my cell phone in a toilet bowl with a turd (not mine) floating in it. It's not worth explaining how this happened.

Barack's coming to town on Thursday. I'll be there. It's free. And tomorrow I'm taking donations to go to my yoga class. I need $6 so I can hit up the community class tomorrow evening.

Maybe I need to rearrange my furniture or pray on my hatred for my coworkers or something. Today was not a good sign of things to come.

On the flip side:

50 years since.

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