Sunday, March 15

Sunday Shine* { Green }

I finally found the shade of green-gold that I'd been searching for to paint my bedroom. It's such a soothing and fresh color. I took my inspiration from the top photo (yes, I want that hanging chair too, but I can do better things with $400 right now). My room is pretty similar to the one in the photo - white linens, old wood floors, sunny, multi-textured. I carried that picture around with me for a few weeks, then went to the hardware store, picked up a some sample jars and painted green patches on my bedroom walls this weekend. Benjamin Moore's "Sweet Pear" (bottom photo) is lovely, but I lean toward Pratt & Lambert's "Scent of Semillion" for it's drop of green. Gotta get a few supplies and I'm ready. Looking forward to inviting a couple friends over for a painting party and changing things up a bit.

K and I were all over Brooklyn today, visiting open houses. He's looking for a new home and wants to take advantage of the city's busted market. We looked at a beautiful condo in Clinton Hill, some renovated brownstones in Bed-Stuy and then took a peek at these sustainable "green" condos in my neck of the woods. It's nice to watch the sustainable living movement spread like wildfire, and getting a tour of a sustainable home definitely had me taking mental notes on what kind of property I want to invest in in the future. It definitely gave me an even clearer idea of just how much we consume and then waste.
K and I were treated as a married couple all day, and it was very interesting to see how we both handled it, how our dynamic shifted because of it, which questions were directed to me, which ones went to him. That's all I'll say about that for now.

I wrote out a pretty impressive financial plan for myself yesterday. Even if there are some surprises along the way, my credit card debt will be paid off in a few months (it feels so so so good to know this) and I can start investing the money in my IRA. Suze Orman would be proud.


Thinking Aloud said...

Nice to see you back in the blogosphere! That color looks great! Green can always be a tricky one.

mai'a said...

oooh...i want that hanging chair too...

susan said...

Hi, T sent me here and we have linked you for our Little Lov'n Monday. Hope you'll come by.

I love greens. Beautiful shades. Makes me want to have my sweetie paint. :-)

ahnka said...

Thinking Aloud:

Thanks for the welcome back. I'm happy with the color, hoping my mind doesn't change.
And thanks so much for suggesting I get a lil' love @ Black-Eyed Susan's.

Isn't that chair great?? It's about $400 dollars and so tempting, but it's always hard to for my to justify those kinds of purchases, even moreso now that I've planned out exactly how to use my money.

Hello. Your blog is nice, very inviting. Really appreciating the book reviews (which I'll be forwarding to a student of mine.)