Sunday, March 29

Sunday Shine * { Freckle in My Eye }

Don't want to forget to mention:

If you live in Dallas or will be traveling there in April, you must check out the DFW Fringe Festival at the Hub Theater. My friend Ashley Wilkerson will be performing her one-woman show, Freckle In My Eye.
I cannot tell you how much I wish I could see this show.
Ashley is a phenomenal woman personified. People like her only come around once in life. I will never forget the day I first met her. She rolled into a tiny liberal arts school with these quick, raspy words, all this humor and truth weaved into everything she says. She was speaking to people like she'd known them forever, and her warmth and confidence had me speechless and smiling. Over the years, she has been so supportive, remembering the little things I've told her, her voice coming from out of nowhere it seems, telling me to write, reminding me that that is what I do. I love this woman and I know her show is going to be layered, poignant and beautiful.

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txsunflower said...

i needed this.
i did
got your message earlier...
Thank you from the bottom of my soul
I do it, because I love it
and I love you because we are
girl, i have an inner/enter joy
through all the shit and bullshit
i am inspired by you
and I thank you sis,
for showing love
now, if I could only stop fighting sleep and get my beauty rest, I'll be divine...: ) Let's keep on keeping on.