Sunday, December 14

Sunday Shine* { Kick }

I woke up early to finish reading Giovanni's Room. I ate breakfast and drank juice, then I went to a kickboxing class. I thought I'd be there, practicing my punches and kicks by imagining the things and people that have recently made me angry. But as we practiced, I quickly realized I am not angry at all. What I am is afraid. And I think being afraid is just as bad or worse than being angry. I went to the class to confront that fear. The fake guns and the knives and swords mounted on the walls made me panic a bit. The talk of "targets" troubled my concentration. Half the battle is showing up, and I showed up, and I plan on going back, but it's a long road ahead.

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Anonymous said...

James Baldwin was such a brilliant author and man! His body of work is incredible! I have a couple of his books on my tbr list. That kickboxing seems like it was very freeing. I need to be doing something like that! Sis I tagged you... I hope you don't mind.:)