Wednesday, November 26


I'm a little disappointed about not being with my fam tomorrow. This year my mom's cooking and my sister's gonna be there with her babies. I also like cooking for my family. Everyone's so appreciative and I get to use my best improvisational skills in the kitchen.
I'm having dinner with dude's family tomorrow evening, which will be interesting for a bunch of reasons. They like to talk shit, so I'm nervous as hell. I have no idea what's going to be served. I offered to make something until I found out about a long list of things his family doesn't eat, not due to allergies or bad past experiences, but because they "just don't."

I'm thankful, though, that I won't be alone. Thankful he'll be around for a few days. And super relieved to have some time off work and I made sure everything I needed to do was taken care of yesterday.

I was told many airlines would be offering some very discounted tickets on Friday, so I'll be online in the middle of the night - I'm trying to be somewhere tropical and foreign for the New Year.

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GirlGriot said...

Mmm ... tropical and foreign, eh? I hear that. I'm really itching to get away, too, but it's going to have to wait a few months at least, sadly.

Foods they just don't eat? That's interesting. Surely there are some weird and foolishly funny stories behind some of that? Have a great time, and I hope the foods they do eat are pleasing to you!