Friday, November 28

I've spent the last day and a half posted up in a bedroom playing girlfriend/private dancer/not-so-secret lover (sorry neighbors but the man's loving is better than good). The ex (aka the on-again?) is home for the break and we had been connected at the [yup] from the time I met him at LaGuardia until a few hours ago, when I had to go to Target to get a slow cooker for $15.

I spent yesterday with his fam. The food was a non-issue, which I'm glad about. I stuffed myself with starchy foods and got drunk off some Greek honey wine. His grandma is hilarious, his god son is the cutest kid in the world after my nephew, and his mom is gracious and mellow. She made a little curry veggie dish for me. He and I ate and talked and then retreated back into bed.

Conversations in the dark drew forth some secrets, things I couldn't find the words for but didn't wanna hold onto anymore.

Honestly, I don't think straight, I lose sense of time, forget the things I'm supposed to do, can't hear my phone... and nothing matters but me and him.

I'll see him again in a couple hours and it'll be just us until he flies back tomorrow evening.


GirlGriot said...

Whoa. Happy Thanksgiving, Miss B! Don't you love that you lose sense of time and place? I love that. Love that.

ahnka said...

I have loved every single sensation I've felt since he came, but was really jarred by how quickly I felt disoriented from everything going on outside the walls of the bedroom.

Happy Thanks to you too!

Anonymous said...

Sis you were high off some serious love! I can relate,nothing better than that type of drug. It feels so good! Have a beautiful week!:)