Monday, September 29

(A Belated) Sunday Shine* { Looksee }

A lot of love and admiration felt throughout the last week...I still need to sit with it. I returned to my little spot Saturday night to dance away from everyone, ease my mind, be anonymous to everyone except the deejay. Spent the hours just before dawn watching Kill The Messenger with L, laughing myself into unconsciousness. Woke up naked, funky, with him wrapped awkwardly around me, not needing anything at all except my own space, so I went home.
Sunday's a secret.
Today went by quickly and I have the next two days off and a long to-do list awaits.

iris for the weekend

love in Harlem

my tribute to summer


Anonymous said...

yo are Beautiful!

The gift he gave unknowing
She already had
Though feebly
A planted thing
Within herself
Scarcely green
Nearly severed

Till he came

A magic root
Sleeping beneath
Long grown wild.
Alice Walker

ahnka said...

You choose the best ones.
Do you have it all memorized?