Sunday, August 10

Sunday Shine* { Bernie + Black Moses}

We lost two. I was a big fan of both and will miss them.
When the rumor was going around last week that Bernie Mac had died in the hopsital, I was immediately online making sure it wasn't true and was relieved to find that he was expected to make a full recovery. The news shocked me. I hope people remember Bernie Mac for his comedic contributions rather than his little fiasco with Barack Obama.

Whenever I listen to Isaac Hayes, I think of an guy who had a crush on me. He played Hot Buttered Soul the first time I went to his place. It was such an earnest attempt to show me how "old school" he was, it made me crack up. Music for grown folks, which he was not. Anyway... when I told my mom about Isaac Hayes' death, she told me she and her friend went down to Memphis in 1969 to hang out with Isaac in the studio while Isaac he recorded Hot Buttered Soul. My mom, I'm learning, as I do every time I come home and hang out with her, was quite the butterfly when she was around my age. I need to step up my game.


Anonymous said...

'quite the butterfly' :-) I'm sure my babies are saying the same thing about me now! Probably because I am so young and have a lot going on still. It's hard to think of our mothers as actually being like us, but in fact we are just like them (in most cases). thanks for the link and have a fantastic Monday!!! -black girl.

Anonymous said...

They both were extremely talented brothas! Issac Hayes 45's and eight tracks were always playing in my house when I was a kid. Bernie Mac was so good at making people laugh. Music and laughter are both good medicine! They will be missed!