Thursday, July 3

Master Cleanse: Day 3 + 4 (Hold Up...)

So I've detoured...

I got my period yesterday. I've been a human waterfall since. And I have moderate anemia. So bleeding nonstop + significant iron deficiency + master cleanse... thought I could handle it.
Those lemons provide iron but no where near as much as I usually take in during my cycle.
I've felt great until today. I was more than sluggish. I had errands to run and when I got off the train, I felt my heart beating very quickly. I tried to go where I needed to go, but I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk with my head hung low, dizzy, seeing a few white spots, ready to fall right there on the ground and rest. So... I bought some kale, collard greens and spinach, juiced them, added some banana and spirulina and am drinking this lovely green drink as I type. It's delicious.
I eliminated a lot during the three days, so I don't feel like I've failed. And I may continue with the cleanse tomorrow and just do it for seven days.
But I can't mess around with my iron. I've wiped out in public a few times before. It's not fun.

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