Monday, July 7

The Cleanse: Final Days / Fam

So... my master cleanse became a green juice fast, which was what it should have been all along because those greens cleaned me out good. Green juice is also pretty yummy to me, after it's blended with a banana. The only thing that worried me was that I lost nine pounds in the six days I was fasting/cleansing. What worries me now is that I reached my ideal weight (120-125 lbs) and even though I was fine at 133, I'm not happy with the idea of gaining back the weight I lost. I've always eaten whatever I pleased, and so this worrying about weight gain is tiresome, but it's like I can't help it. I know I need someone to just talk some sense into me.

I spent the weekend out in a mansion in Queens with my aunt and cousin. My cousin is a UN ambassador. Her home is very, very cozy. But she stay vexed. She's so crochety that I feel I need a second vacation just to recoup from the two days with her. She means well, and so, I forgive her. My other cousin was there, and she is sweet, soft-spoken, full of laughter... so I mostly just floated around her and my aunt, who pays Madame Ambassador no mind.

Back in Brooklyn. Tired of the white walls in my apartment. Trying to make a habit of having nothing to do but it is hard. I think I may just stop thinking about it, call up the painters and make sure I have walls of mango and plum to wake up to come September.


Anonymous said...

You had a very good cleanse!I can relate to concerns about weight gain. Mango and plum would be very good colors to wake up to! Have a beautiful week sis!:)

Model Minority said...

She's so crochety that I feel I need a second vacation just to recoup from the two days with her

Holy shit you are good.

I can see her.

GirlGriot said...

Mmm, mango and plum. I'm wanting to add color around here, too. From the day I moved in, I knew I wanted to paint, but I haven't made it happen. Need to get to work!