Tuesday, July 1

The "Beyonce Diet" - Days 1 + 2

It's a shame that people have tagged her name onto the Master Cleanse. It's been around since the beginning of time for decades... but I digress.

So, I decided to do the master cleanse because
... it's my first week of summer break, I have absolutely nothing to do except improve myself
... I'm about to get my period, which is a way of cleansing in its own right
... I've been putting it off for two years
... as the Dalai Lama says, "Self-discipline is crucial to a simpler, more contented life."
... I'm cleaning out my closets, purging my apartment of papers, books, magazines, clothing...
... I want to see if this will help my skin
... I need to release my emotions
... I like to poop

The first day (yesterday) was a little rough. It was cool to walk around in a flowing red dress with a jug full of murky-looking lemonade. I felt... like a hippie bum. It was VERY cool to not spend everything in my wallet on food. Even though I usually just by some fruit or tea or some vegan cookies when I go out, that money adds up.I like to eat. I love love love food. And it's not even like I eat junk. I was craving a grilled veggie burger with Veganaise, red onions, avocado and sprouts. M was at my place most of the day as we were tying up some loose ends on our final papers. Having her here was good distraction. But then we went to Perelandra. The desire to stuff my face with veggie burgers and vegan cookies overcame me... ended up getting a headache. And I wasn't even hungry. I haven't felt hungry at all. I just miss the tastes. I will never take them for granted again.
I woke today feeling full. Drank my salt water. Pooped. Ah... (hahaha!) Had lots of energy, felt vibrant. To compensate for what I couldn't put in my body, I stocked up on things I could put on my body. Hit up the sales racks at Zara, J. Crew and Anthropologie, as well as two thrift stores. That's me, gettin pretty inside and out!
About to watch a movie and go to bed.
I'm expecting this to get harder tomorrow.

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