Monday, June 30

Off To A Good Start

+ the after school tutuoring program I worked for earlier this year contacted me to let me know they are sending me a missed check for $250 and got a notice from the irs letting me know my "stimulus" check is coming this week

+ submitted my final paper for my graduate program

+ saw former complement on subway, didn't have to fight back any tears

+ received pretty vintage dress I won in an ebay auction

+ passed both of my teaching certification exams

+ about to finish my 1st day of the master cleanse (more later)

+ a week to myself. a stack of unread books. joy & pain, sunshine & rain.


GirlGriot said...

Hey congrats ... on all of it! I'm interested to see how your cleanse goes. I've been interested in trying that for a while but am always able to talk myself right back out of it.

... and item 3? I am sooo not there. I'm impressed that you are!

ahnka said...

Thank you!

I am there only because I have seen him a couple times since we split. I cried those times.
All I wanted was to get off the train immediately.