Sunday, June 15

Sunday Shine* { Wonder-Full }

*I know. I wrote I was over this. And I am. I am in the process of looking for a new job. That, along with the weeks spent crying, hurt, confused and enraged, has me cautious and reluctant to write anything here. But last night was the Wonder-Full party. I have to share.

For the four years that I've gone, every Wonder-Full party has lived up to its name, but last night everyone in attendance was blessed.
For most of the night, I was dancing, barefoot, half-nekkid, in front of the stage. I spotted Nikki from HEAVy who was talking to some fans, but I was too shy to say hello. (It would've been lovely if they'd played Wonderlove. Another time, I guess) But on my way down the stairs, I turned the corner and before I knew it: Stevie. I blurted his name and he smiled and said hello. And then the rest is history...
He went on stage. People went bananas.
He sang. We sang along.
He gave thanks. We did too.
He talked Obama.
It was beautiful. Spirit lifted.

Not the best photos... that's what all those, um... "professionals" were there for. (I loved that Bobbito eventually asked them all to get down so that everyone else could see the stage.)
I snapped these:


GirlGriot said...

Hey, Bianca-- So glad to hear a word from you. Thanks for this bit of shine (wish I'd been there!). I hope we hear more soon.

Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

it was an uplifting night indeed.

JB has some more words & video here:

may stevie keep lifting you up during your challenging times.


TruEssence said...

Wow Bianca!! Reading your post had me wishing I was there! I love Stevie Wonder! I vibe to his old grooves all the time! Love the pics!