Sunday, May 11

Sunday Shine* { We Movin' On Up }

I found out Friday that they did it. I was surprised. Even though we. worked. so. hard. I didn't think it would be like this:
All my students raised their New York State ELA scores. All my students who were at a Level 1 moved to a Level 2. Those who had low 2s reached high 2s, with a few reaching a Level 3.
Now, I have serious issues with standardized assessments for any child, and especially for those in the special education trap, but it's the first time in the school's history that the special education students all scored at a Level 2 or higher. Am I proud of them? Extremely. And do I feel redeemed? Most definitely. (But don't ask me if I'll be back to do it again next year.)
The best part is they don't know yet. I cannot wait to see their faces.
We're celebrating. I'm planning a pizza & vegan cupcake party Tuesday, during 7th & 8th periods. You're invited.


pomegranate queen said...

that's incredible. enjoy the celebration.

Anonymous said...

Standardized testing is insane to me but I'm so glad your kids did well. congrats!