Sunday, May 4

Sunday Shine* { PS22 Chorus }

Look at their faces!
I was a BIG Tori Amos fan through middle school and high school and have been a Joni Mitchell fan since those days too, so I'm very touched by these song choices.

Yes, I work in the classroom and know kids can be amazing, but after Latarian did some hoodrat stuff with his friend, I thought "I don't need to watch the news, this tells me everything about the state of the world." Glad this chorus snapped me back from that.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! I am going to show them to my daughter and son! Thanks for posting them!:)

GirlGriot said...

Your Sunday Shine always makes me happy! The chorus is lovely, and I'm right with the song choice, too. And while I, too, work in a classroom, this isn't the side of my students I ever get to see -- the unselfconscious, passionate-about-something side.

alife allah said...

first off...been a fan of your blog for a minute so it is so fresh when you come by mine's. I'm humbled. What's your spot on soulvegfolk?

ahnka said...

glad y'all are enjoying.