Sunday, April 27

Sunday Shine* { Since Wednesday }

> drinking juice concoctions of beets carrots apples ginger lime cucumber pear
> receiving acupuncture treatments at home from a visiting friend (and soon-to-be licensed practitioner)
> avoiding all Sean Bell verdict talk because the "I hope one day those cops know how it feels" talk is just as sick as the "everyone got what they deserved talk," just as ridiculous as the "there will be riots" talk, just as saddening as the confusion, anger, speechlessness, and tears
> wondering about the difficulty of the students with disabilities cst exam I gotta take on my birthday
> consuming large quantities of miso soup and brown rice avocado rolls
> walking wandering wandering walking, from Franklin Ave to Bowling Green, with my mama
> stuffing a sick belly with warm soft vegan delights
> having those high-schoolish aintgotnothingimportanttosaybutwegontalkanyway conversations with K
> losing the only pair of real-gold earrings I own
> making tea for the morning, tea for the evening, tea all day long with my new teapot that mamacita already cracked
> smelling magnolias and shaking cherry blossom branches at the botanical gardens
> scouring the Ft. Greene flea market for something apt-prettifying
> vitamin d synthesizing
> sitting on the shore watching the boats along the East River
> taking my time to finish an already-late paper, making no moves to begin another
> trying my damnedest to quiet the IEP post-assessments curriculum-planning fieldtrip-scheduling hum in my mind
> loving all

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GirlGriot said...

Franklin Ave to Bowling Green?! That's some walk! I did a good job of avoiding the outside stuff, but not the inside-my-head-and-heart stuff. Reading your shine helps.