Sunday, February 25

Sunday Shine* { Homes }

After a very eventful trip back from Miami, I am pretty glad to be home. In the six years I've lived in this city, I've never thought of any place in as home. When I remember that this apartment has become home, a sanctuary, that I love being within it, I'm motivated to keep dealing with the bullshit.

Visiting Miami was like taking a strong sedative. Then it felt like I detoxed. Sometimes I go back down there and feel like a tourist, but there are a handful of back streets and intersections and quiet areas that are as familiar to me as my own body. They're extensions of me. A certain spot in tropical park that my love for the earth grew from. A few banyan trees that I think about when I feel as though I'm about to break. And of course, the hammocks and the swings right by the bay that warm me up immediately. Such a beautiful place to be raised.

I owe my parents everything. The world. They are amazing.

oh! WMC is only a month away!

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