Sunday, February 11

Sunday Shine* { This Time Last Year }

It's been a year since Dilla died and a year since I lost ** ****. I can still remember every time I cried myself to sleep that weekend.
I can still remember New Year's Eve 2005. Bellinis, figs and manchego. Sin's big hands around my waist and the red fireworks right outside the window.
I can still remember packing up everything (again) to move back to Miami (again) last January. I damn near lost my mind when the box filled with all my negatives and prints (all the way back to 1993) didn't arrive the next week. I still haven't fully recovered.
I can still remember the colors and smells of the first day on the beach. There is nothing in the world that makes me feel more comfortable than an empty beach on a very sunny day.

My Sunday shine:

1 - 5 more school days until mid-winter break.
2 - ... and Tuesday's a half day.
3 - my parents have invited me on the summer vacation to Switzerland & Italy.
4 - my best friend moved to Boston, just a 4 hour ride away
5 - and she's making art for me :)

I still keep asking myself if I'll make it.
How many more battle wounds and heart aches will I receive before the school year ends? What are my other options? Why am I so scared to define them?

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