Sunday, July 20

Sunday Shine { What I Got }

Something is in the air around these parts. It's funky. No other way to explain how four friends have all received not-so-good news from doctors in the past week. Lifelong ailments, treatable to various degrees. In addition to this, we have all found ourselves, again in the last week, overcome by memories of old partners/lovers that we try to suppress and the pain that accompanies these memories. We've have broken down, in public no less, sobbing and unable to even speak through our tears. We've lashed out on each other because, I think, we're so used to being able to coax smiles and laughter and this time we can't. It's the first time we are all scared. Of course we did what we do when we're troubled: we dance. But dancing hasn't been helping the way it used to. So, we've decided to rent a car and drive up north, where you can walk for miles through wildflower fields and be reminded of what's really important just by gazing up at all the stars you've forgotten were in the sky.

This shine is the well-being and joy, which I think will become return to the center of our friendships soon enough.

*The OTHER and more resonant video that I posted yesterday now works. Sade is a healher.

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