Tuesday, July 15

So...Yeah... Summer!

It's hot.
I switched up the look a bit. Got a mohawkishfade thang goin on.
Also got a road bike. It's older than me and needing some fixing up. Quite the investment.
Taking all kinds of classes at the Y for the flat tummy and toned legs of my dreams. Almost got em!
Drinking my green juice.
Anticipating a visit from on/off long-distance loverboyman.
Fighting and making up with my friends.
Trying to think about preparing for work but ain't stressing.
Falling asleep in the park.
Dancing for hours. HOURS.
Still missing the ex - it hurts so bad y'all! - but that too shall pass.

*If I can find my camera, I'll post pictures. They say much more than my words these days.

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