Sunday, November 11

Sunday Shine* { Urdhva Dhanurasana }

Yoga practice yesterday was very good. I woke up feeling very fatigued and already tired from the errands I hadn't run yet. I went to class anyway and my body was just very receptive to the postures. I didn't feel like anything was too challenging, or that I was putting up a fight, though I hadn't been in almost three weeks. Savasana was beautiful because I just stayed in the moment, didn't get caught up in making sure everything got done or lie there reminiscing. So even though I'm in pain, I feel as though i made a big stride yesterday. But, I got a little too ambitious during my yoga practice yesterday afternoon and now my upper back muscles are sore in the worst way and I can hardly rotate my neck, shoulders or arms without wincing. I could really use a massage. I have a feeling I'll be giving myself a day at a spa for Christmas again.

I'm hosting Sarah, a friend of mine from college, and 4 of her high school students this weekend. They're visiting Columbia, NYU and New School tomorrow. I've been too busy to hang out with them during the day, but the silly girl talk session that lasted until 2 am last night was hilarious. They were all up in their pajamas talking about boys and their parents and each other and the giggling didn't stop, and it had me reminiscing about that same insouciance I experienced at 16.

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