Monday, November 5

Make It Matter

So.... my school miraculously got a B on its report card. I don't know why my principal said she couldn't share the information with us yet, since it was in the Times. I don't see how. To me, not enough educators or students filled out surveys. We did raise the percentage of kids meeting the "standards" (whatever those are supposed to be), but I won't take any credit for that since I teach special education students, a majority of whom have no business taking these tests.
But I digress.
We got a B. Yay? Maybe just maybe the principal will fall back just an itty bitty bit.

I'm going to write a grant proposal. Cameras for photo essays. These kids don't wanna write nothing but I'm getting an essay out of them this year, one way or another.

K and I went to see American Gangster late last night. I'm so glad it wasn't on some rah-rah-shoot-em-up tip. I actually liked the movie, but many others in the completely-packed theater said they were disappointed. One woman on the escalator: "They were too gratuitous with the nudity," and then a few moments later: "I mean... I'm waiting for niggas to get shot and it's like just a few was. I needed more action." Oh well. I hate to say it, but I was impressed by Frank Lucas. I always struggle with feeling sorry for people I would otherwise despise. I can't stand drug dealers... but I loathe cops (yup), and that's how he got my sympathy.

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