Thursday, September 6

I'd Like to Take A Moment

He is refreshing. He is frank and unapologetic. He is calm and silly. He is awake and aware and ready. He is opening me up to new ideas and experiences and allowing me to face truths about myself without feeling like a basketcase. It's a shame that if I hadn't experienced the dread one really horrible man (the last of many) brought me, I would still probably be very closed off to getting to know someone like K.
Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about him, I just feel lucky and I want to cry. It ain't never been like this before.
I know it may not be forever; I know that even though I'm happy now, there may come a time when I don't want it to be forever. We're still very new. So it's day by day with him. It's hard to do. Sometimes I think he's fighting how much he likes me and sometimes I get upset and want to ask him what's so wrong with falling for someone. But I think I understand. It's to make sure we see clearly what we have going on. We've got a good thing. It's not perfect, but it's as real as it has ever been for me.

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