Thursday, September 6

I Don't Really Need Them, But...

The "practical" heels I've been wanting for so long have gone on sale. And I still can't afford them. But I might, I just might go ahead and treat myself anyway.
I don't know why I'm just realizing that I should make a little savings fund for every luxurious thing I want. It may not get to enjoy instant gratification, but by the time I save up, whatever it is I'm buying will probably be on sale anyway.
In other news, I am suffering from a sudden stiff neck. I didn't wake up in any pain, so I'm thinking I did something wrong in yoga yesterday. Regardless, the pain is out of control. Can't look to the right, can't look down. I'm doing small stretches, "breathing into" the pain, trying to perform Gua Sha on my neck, massaging myself with Tiger Balm, getting dizzy while I stand in a hot shower... but I know I'll have to resign to the fact that this won't heal overnight. I don't like having to move, I will go to work very reluctantly tomorrow morning. I'm mostly afraid of going to sleep and making it worse. I tried lying down earlier and panicked because I felt stuck for a moment. And all this discomfort is only making me want to buy myself those heels even more.

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