Wednesday, February 18

Like A Whisper

I remember once reading that blogs should have a specific topic and audience in mind, in order to be "successful." I'm sure that's true, but always knew that my blog would never have a true focus. I write about myself, mainly it's a online journal, it satisfies my need to exchange ideas and my need to keep a running record of things I'm learning about myself, so as not to repeat some mistakes again. Right now, I'm inclined to focus on pretty simple things and love.
Every now and then, I may weave in a little tale about teaching, but it's mainly just to vent, to express a very deep heartache this job has me feeling and (hopefully) to find a solution that will benefit myself and my students (even if that means no longer being a classroom teacher).
I do play around with the idea of making this a photo blog. That's what I'd really like. I make excuses all the time, though. I shoot film, mainly, And getting film developed and printed is a pricey and time-consuming process. But I guess my little digital camera will have to do.
I find myself spending too much time worrying about if what I put in this space matters, even to me, and then I get annoyed because it's not doing me much to get caught up in trying to figure that out. I should just let this space become whatever it becomes.

I have read some brilliant writing on blogs. And then I have my stash of personal journals and photo diaries, which I love. But I always appreicate the blogs that make an effort to connect like-minded people in order to foster some kind of social change. One such blog is Like A Whisper, authored by professor Potente Susurro, which I just learned about early this morning. After reading lot of the posts, disbelief, tears, anger, but then I'm smiling because it all sparked a sense of duty and meaning in me that I've been neglecting.

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