Monday, January 5

new year

waited because i don't know what to say, where to begin, or where to end.

holding onto the plans, they're better shared over the phone, or in conversations over incredible food, the car ride home, a walk in a forest, a long email even, anywhere but here.

things are swell. moving. changing some, but definitely moving. i appreciate me.

i have no lists or promises. well, nothing other than wash all the dishes after every meal. i have projects i'll continue to build, and always ideas swirling in my mind, leaking out onto a page here or there, most concrete enough to explain but too precious to share.

bringing the tape recorder to work because my kids drop gems. quietly grew into a signature recognizable un-biteable style. mindful of my consumption (of items, of food, of words & information). all i need i have. and then some. cooking up a storm - or a breeze, depending on who tells it. barack-hope waning as economynaturalresourcespublicschoolspeople suffer. south carolina calling. multiple orgasms. set out the welcome mat for possibilities. i love. i worry. i'm ready.

fireworks along a river seen from a hotel balcony. no bubbles or beans. a fresh year for us, but i'm set on "twenty brand new hours to live."

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