Thursday, December 18

Turn ons: a love for nature + a love for poetry + good looks

A brilliant designer by the name of Jiyeon Song has created one of the coolest and most thoughtful displays of public art (and just one of the greatest things I have seen, ever): the "One Day Poem Pavilion" - perforated panels that use sunlight to make poetry.
As the sun travels its daily course, the sunlight coming through the tiny holes creates shadows that reveal short poems. The poems lengthen and shorten throughout the day.
During the summer solstice, the poems have a theme of new life, while during the winter solstice, the poems speak about the passing of time.

Bringing poetry to the masses while honoring nature, Song deserves a Nobel.

The idea and research behind the project, as well as a time-lapse video, is located here.


Miss A said...

That is absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful idea from a (clearly) brilliant mind.

GirlGriot said...

Thank you, thank you, Miss B! This is beautiful!