Sunday, December 21

I Didn't Make The Coat

Stepped out into the slush to meet up with a friend for lunch. I didn't eat nothing. I just sat there in my coat, sipping on lemonade and talking that talk. On our way out, this girl who'd been eyeing me the whole time starts cooing, "I looooooove your coat." And before I could say "thank you" I caught myself, remembered the little bit I left with my kids with last week: Don't compliment the thing, compliment the person. So, I just kinda smiled at her all awkward and was out.

Ah well I'm just being that girl, scrutinizing all the others, not to decide who's better, but just to see how we do. And, honestly, I don't like how we do. We all do it. Empty compliments, undeserved praise, appearance applauded while personality remains unknown and unrequested. It's silly. Sorry.

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GirlGriot said...

Mmm ... this one hits home, for sure. About a year or so ago I began trying to remember to compliment the person ("You look amazing in that color.") and not the thing ... but it's hard. We're training the other way. Of course, we're also pretty well training not to compliment at all. I know this when I see the looks of shock I get from people when I compliment them, from the knee-jerk self-deprecation I have to push back when people compliment me. More thinking to do here ...

Maybe your coat-admiring stranger wouldn't have noticed the coat at all if it hadn't looked so wonderful on you?