Monday, December 1

Hello, December

My riches consist not in the extent of my possessions, but in the fewness of my wants. - J. Brotherton

+ finally learning how to samba
+ the perfect old lady style wool cocoon coat I found (and bought) when I ducked into a store simply to avoid the rain
+ knowing I'll laugh when I pick up Gorilla, My Love and that Janelle Monae's cover of "Smile" is there for me listen to should I start to feel that negativity again
+ my dinner of butternut squash soup garnished with thin apple slices and served with toasted raisin bread spread with ricotta
+ seeing the sexiness in the rises, dips and dimples of my body
+ his love shown in quiet, you'll-miss-it-if-you-blink ways
+ "Y'all can do what eh ver you want after January 23rd." - my principal
+ my students being the sweetest and most patient people on the planet today
+ setting aside the money for the photo-journalism club (coming spring 2009)
+ feeling completely able to handle the workload and stress leading up to the state ELA exam
+ my dad answering the phone with "I love you" - we have come a long, long way
+ not feeling lame for skipping out on Karizma tonight because I would rather lie in bed and read
+ the letter I wrote to myself on (thanks for the heads up Aichlee!)
+ taking a capoeira class because he wanted me to and tehn really enjoying it, even though now I can't walk, sit, stand, lie down, reach, or laugh without wincing
+ the level of self-sufficiency I feel whenever I improvise in the kitchen

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Miss A said...

Love reading your stuff. The futureme site sounds fantastic!

And, with that, you've been tagged :)