Wednesday, November 5

Yes! Yes! Yes!

There is no other place I would rather be today.
There is no other life I would rather be living and no other history I would rather call my own today.

It is a blessing to be living here now. I feel nothing but sheer joy! Yes!

I have never felt the unity that surged within me when I looked at TV screen and they showed his grandmother rejoicing in Kenya - when was the last time the world celebrated an American election?
And all the people, who envisioned this day decades, centuries ago...
And watching Rev. Jesse Jackson weeping....
And having friends and strangers hold me up and embrace me when I was too shocked to stand up and my heart was releasing that heaviness...
And my to my fellow Floridians who came through! Yes!

Seven years ago, I stood on the corner of Dekalb and South Elliot, crying on the shoulders of a woman I didn't know and feeling absolutely terrified and helpless. This morning, an older woman and I nodded and smiled at each other, and then I just started tearing up again. She held my hand on the train to work this morning, as I cried some more. My students greeted me with more smiles and cheers and hugs and stories of they rejoiced with their families. "I couldn't wait to see you today Miss B!" It was an honor to be their teacher today and watch them feel triumphant... Yes!

Today is a defining moment in so many lives. It's the sweetest*, most delicious day and it's been a long, long, long time comin'. Yes! Yes! Yes!

*I know it's bittersweet in Cali, though. I can't believe that horrible Prop 8 passed, just can't believe it.


Anonymous said...

On the night of November 4th a joined a raucous crowd of enthusiastic Harlemites to celebrate a moment in history that I'll never forget. I hugged white people, young black men, and watched people shed tears of joy, and release.

It will be something that I'll always treasure for the rest of my life.


GirlGriot said...

Yeah, Tuesday was an amazing, powerful, weepy and wonderful day. I have never been so thrilled to vote in all my years of eligibility. Watching the numbers come in with my students Tuesday night was nerve-wracking, but fun. They got so into it. And yesterday ... I think the whole city was high yesterday!

Anonymous said...

This should be top secret, but i almost pissed in my pants. I was elated and shocked and nervous and hot. I celebrated in Harlem with Zora,Langston, and da a place called Shrine.
yes, I felt holy
God, when Michelle and Barack embraced, I couldn't contain my tears. i wish my brother and mother could have witnessed such black love. i caught the train at 2am and felt completely protected. Texas went Red, but I know several people who kissed the ballot with Barack's name on it. i voted early...and I can breathe again.