Saturday, November 15

I Only Like Shopping When It's Raining & The Stores Are Empty

Um. There are a million things to share, but I've spent a good part of my day on the phone and I'm all done with sharing. But I can show you the goodness I bought today at Sweet Tater.

Yeah man, duck hunter pockets and all.

And I think I will be going back for this one soon:

Sash? Pockets? Mine.

In regards to clothing, I've learned that I am a neutral girl. I like natural fabrics that are the color of rocks and grains and dirt. I like my clothes to drape and billow. I'm partial to gold jewelry and brown shoes. And even though it took me a minute to hop back on the black tights wagon (clarification: I was on it with my friend Jess long, long ago) once I did it was like I'd found my long lost best friend. I'm still waiting for the day cold enough for me to wear my silky cashmere leggings.

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