Wednesday, October 22

Stars. Hearts. Freedom.

By now, I am sure you have seen the photograph (from the series "Service" by Platon). Elsheba Khan is enveloping the gravestone of her son, Kareem. The photo has been appearing all over since Colin Powell mentioned it during his endorsement of Barack Obama.

I haven't listened to Powell's endorsement. It doesn't much matter to me. I do keep returning to the photograph, however. I've studied it about 3 times now. Every time I look at it, every part of it becomes more achingly beautiful. I really don't want it to make me cry, so I pull my eyes away from her face and hands and let my thoughts draw out all kinds of meaning - a mother embracing always, the bursting roses, '87-'07 (just a baby), and all the words underneath her - the words outline his faith and his service to both Islam and the United States, yet people continue to debate if the two can co-exist.

We, the people, need help.

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Anonymous said...

I saw his endorsement on Meet Press and when he talked about the young man who died I got teary eyed. It was very touching and that photograph is deeply moving!I so agree with you sis.