Monday, October 13

Another Day Off

Would you believe me if I told you I didn't spend any money, not a single penny, on Friday, Saturday or Sunday? No? I wouldn't believe me either, but it's true. Challenging, yes, but it helps when I love my apartment.

I ended all that today with a trip to Trader Joe's at 9 this morning.
$70 =

two cartons of almond milk, organic cage-free eggs, smoked salmon, fresh salmon, feta, olive oil, grapefruit juice, sparkling water, four apples, broccoli, baby spinach, organic baby lettuce, bell peppers, organic raspberries, grapes, splendido tomatoes, organic bananas, sea salt brownies (which are too delicious), fresh oregano, sprouted pasta, muffins, soy breakfast patties, dried cranberries, and some oxo brite.
I am envious of anyone who can shop at TJ's before 11 am on a weekday. No lines, everything is in stock.

Anyway, I'm thankful the weather was nice, I spent a little time with some friends, a little time with my lover, and a lot of time with myself.


M.Dot. said...

Yo...that reminds me of my trader joes bounty @ brooklyn magic. Lols.

Don't it feel good to unpack those groceries?

Soul Pretty said...

...your gonna envy me...I only shop at Trader Joes before 11:00 during the week...I made the mistake of going this past Monday, Columbus day and to my surprise it was packed...What the heck are all these people doing in my store? forgot it was a holiday...

Anonymous said...

Yes! Loving your apartment most definitely helps. I love the energy of your blog!