Sunday, September 14

What I Did During The ELA Dept Meeting

Maybe it wasn't smart of me to post a photograph of myself because the world is small, people are nosy and, more importantly, eager to start things. But I guess it's no secret that I can't stand ELA department meetings because we never use them to plan anything. I gotta do something to get through 90 minutes of [if I don't have anything nice to say...]

Ten random things about me...
10. I got a lovely manicure this weekend.
9. whenever I eat, I do a little celebratory dance, my way of saying grace
8. My lil' fat booty continues to defy the laws of exercise and healthy diet, but I love it just the same.
7. I spray my pillow and face with chamomile and lavender oil before I sleep.
6. I cry a lot.
5. I spend a great deal of time second guessing my choice of words.
4. I wish more people could see how amazing the moon looks from my kitchen window
3. for the first time, I feel very apprehensive about having a boyfriend. boyfriends break hearts.
2. I love dragonflies.
1. I always have a piece of lint in my fro.

Nine ways to win my heart...

9. be kinda nerdy, a lil' awkward, happily mismatched
8. spend a day in bed with me just being you while I'm being me.
7. take care of your body
5. don't hesitate to educate, set a positive example, or offer meaningful words to children in your community.
4. aspire. have a purpose.
3. speak about the beauty in ordinary or even ugly things.
2. know how to communicate without talking all the damn time (I'm a quiet girl).
1. tell me the truth.

Eight things I want to do before I die...
8. raise a healthy baby.
7. be a Cave Canem fellow.
6. take the time to thoughtfully travel through the continents of Africa and Asia.
5. cultivate a healing garden.
4. shoot and exhibit a photo-documentary.
3. attend a week-long silent retreat
2. create and recite a little prayer/mantra for my own well-being every day.
1. learn how to make my own dresses

Seven ways to annoy me...
7. be a cynic.
6. bump into me and not say "excuse me".
5. be unwilling to hold yourself accountable.
4. criticize me for not being who you want/expect me to be
3. constantly be late.
2. throw your trash on the ground.
1. a tie: tell me lies. or be the *** ***** at my school.

Six things I believe in...
6. music's ability to transform/transcend
5. brooklyn is incestuous
4. sex as a revolutionary act
3. detoxing, fasting and juice cleansing
2. asking the universe for what you need or want
1. karma

Five things I am afraid of...
5. suffering before I die
4. McCain+Palin
3. being raped
2. fire
1. losing my mother

Four of my favorite things...
4. dancing
3. my students' blunt honesty
2. macaroni and cheese (which I miss terribly!)
1. watching fireworks

Three things I do everyday...
3. take a bath.
2. get annoyed by my own self-esteem issues.
1. dance.

Two things I want to do right now...
2. get a full body massage.
1. sleep in.

One person I want to see right now...
1. L.

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Anonymous said...

who cares about your picture...this blog is way more revelatory about who your really are....really funny too.

btw...I unfortunately only possess the 8 of things on your 9 ways to win your heart...sadly, i am not kinda nerdy...I'm really the marrow of me...but the cool kinda of nerd....not the the kind in Junot Diaz's book. u know how twinned we are in your 8 things you want to do before your for have a baby and making my own dress...we knotted up yo.

ok..too long a comment...but good post though...really insightful.

and i am now on

i hate to delete the other one...

much goodness to your week.