Friday, August 1


Can't believe summer's over. Too soon.

After Wednesday's unsettling news (and because it was my LAST DAY OF GRAD SCHOOL!) I took my ass to Addy & Ferro and walked out of there 30 minutes later with this dress:

My mama always says its silly to "love" a piece of clothing, and now I have a hang up about that. So I'll say I really really really like it. I also picked up a "first day of school" dress from Collecther this afternoon. It's a bright pink shirtdress and I couldn't help but smile all big in the mirror after I tried it on.


GirlGriot said...

Gorgeous dress! And great interview.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you like Clutch? That is the first time I heard someone say that.

They are still new online so they are pretty dope and I only imagine them getting better.

Anonymous said...

Just ran across your site! It's very chic and all your content has a great flow and message.

I also wanted to agree with anon. I think Clutch is doing their very best to put something out their for us. I know everyone has their own opinion, but those sistas really are trying and making a difference. They are still new so I look forward to seeing them grow.

Well, that's all. Keep up your site I will be back. ;)

Laetiçia said...

Word. Super cute dress! I love Addy & Ferro.

Michaela Angela Davis is such an inspiring and powerful woman. I can't say I'm not a total fan of Clutch, but this interview, and many previous ones, is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Definitely digging that dress! Thanks for posting that interview. I enjoyed reading Michaela Angela Davis's words. Oh sorry for the typos in my last reply... typing too fast! I hate typos! Hope you had a great time at the concert!:)

Anonymous said...

I refuse to believe that summer is over. I'm in denial. Also, really cute dress.

I think Clutch is cute, but I get inundated with so much stuff on the front page so I can never be really bothered to dig for the content.

pomegranate queen said...

oooooooh the dress is dope! i'm already mourning the passing of summer '08 (a little early i know)

Anonymous said...

I really like this! Right on!

Where do you plan to wear it?

Anonymous said...

you're too cute...i haven't even seen you yet! gorge dress, just gorge!