Thursday, August 28


That is a picture of me. Hi. On Sunday I poured too much wine into my glass but enjoyed my solitude. On Monday I saw my favorite photographer on the train. He kept staring at me. We've met before. He was reading Drown. (Confession: I've never read it.) I felt too shy to even smile. I bought some shoes for less than $100 at DSW. They are dope (first pair second pair). I bought berries and greens at the farmers market. Berries and granola for breakfast. Green juice all day. I was unimpressed with Michelle's speech. On Tuesday I got my HIV test results. So relieved I cried. Yesterday I played a lot of MeShell Ndegeocello and scrubbed every inch of my bathroom. Today I returned to work. Same ol' shit but I have a new classroom with a better view. My haircut was a hit. Looking forward to what this man has to say tonight. I will see Mr. Saadiq tomorrow at the pier. I may or may not get down at Prince/MJ this weekend. Friend slash lover slash may or may not be visiting from Africa (and staying for a while) next week. I miss Miami, miss Chicago. I miss my family. Their love is colossal.

update: Barack did me proud. He's such a classy guy. I'm elated.


Anonymous said...

I love the energy of that pic something about the blurriness of it...nice effect.
Cool random thoughts!

ms. v. said...

Hey there, I'm organizing a get-together for teacher-bloggers... if you're interested, please email me at :)

Anonymous said...

Finally...the mystery is unveiled...I've been reading you for eternity and it is wonderful to skin that you wear.