Thursday, April 24

Burning Energy

A little something I saw at truessence's blog a while ago:

The song in my head is
… Lesson Learned by Alicia Keys & John Mayer

I can’t remember… to always bring my reusuable bags with me to the store or people's names after introductions if I don't actually talk to them afterward

I should have known that… trying to get my salary differential would've been more complicated that it needed to be. After all, this is the NYC Board or Ed I'm dealing with.

I love making people… smile.

My best friend doesn’t know about… this blog.

I don’t understand why women… are persecuted in the most horrific ways around the world when we are the givers of life.

I lost faith in… public schooling helping poor communities, for the most part, even though there are moments of bliss and enlightenment every now and then

People say the best things in life are free, but… that doesn't mean they are easily obtained. And they definitely forgot about that great thing called traveling.

If I could clone myself, I would be in… my dream. I have no desire to clone myself, or any other living thing.

Love is best when you can… release a nasty ass fart under the covers while you're spooning and still know the person thinks you're sexy as hell.

Somewhere someone is thinking that I am… an alcoholic and/or pothead.

I will always want
… peace of mind.

I never wanted to… learn how to drive.

People would be surprised to know how much I love… (I don't know. I'm pretty open about what I love.)

When in doubt ask for… guidance. Or time.

I get annoyed when… I am stuck walking behind smokers.

I have more than enough…
clothing for the summer and paperwork to deal with until the summer.

I can’t wait until… I learn how to wait for everything. There is no need to rush.

Kisses are best when they come from my… little relatives who love without conditions and sweetheart goodman.

My favorite long song…
I Want You by E. Badu

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Anonymous said...

Loved reading your energy sis!:)
Your answers had me reflecting... Have a beautiful weekend!