Friday, April 4

The Queen's Daughters

A Labelle tribute?! Oh, I'm definitely going! Just saw blaKbushe (she's got a great voice!) and I'll finally get to see Tamar-Kali. But y'all know I'm really, really going to see Res.


jb said...

so two things. you have an advance of slumberland? and that res show is same night as wonder-Full

ahnka said...

hey lady

no, i don't have an advance of slumberland. no special privileges here. i figure by the time i'm finished with my other books, the library will have gotten it in and i was told i'm first on their "hold" list.


i don't know if i'm going to wonder-full this year. as much fun as it always is, it does kinda repetitive. but the boyfriend's never been, so.... i don't know. i'll most likely end up going to both.