Monday, March 24


1. I found out that I'll be attending a Schools Attuned workshop once a week until the second week in May. Lovely. I get a day out of the middle school but I don't have to spend that day listening to Lucy Calkins and her cronies or to the ho-hum "Differentiated Instruction" facilitators. Those were my only workshop options before now, and I always passed.

2. Poetry Month begins next week and my poetry unit is looking mighty fine with the help from "Reading, Writing, and Rising Up" which I picked up when I attended a Q&A discussion with Rethinking Schools editor Linda Christensen her last week. She's pretty amazing, if you ask me.

3. I went on an Amazon Marketplace shopping spree. Wanna see what I got?


Anonymous said...

ah yes, that's a great book, i used it as a resource for my girls' writing group. good luck!

Marcy said...

I did Schools Attuned. I did a week-long summer workshop, and then two daylong sessions during the school year. I found it to be a rewarding professional development experience.

GirlGriot said...

I love that book. I'm working on my poetry unit, too ... and still trying to decide what to put in my pocket for 'Poem in Your Pocket Day' ...

ahnka said...

aichlee -

Thanks :)

miss profe -

I really like Mel Levine. But the facilitators at the workshop left much to be desired. They are as boring as it gets.

girlgriot -
Poem In Your Pocket Day was a disaster last year. The students can be so unamused.... I'm thinking of making some kind of game (with rewards) out of it.