Tuesday, March 11

T Time!

"It's almost T time!"
With the announcement that our school will have to squeeze itself onto one floor to accommodate a small elementary school opening in the building in fall, suddenly teachers who'd gotten quite comfy at the Middle School are seriously considering transferring. Apparently, K-8 used to be the set up of the school a few years ago and most thought it was horrible. In addition to that, the school having no official policy on misconduct has become the motivation behind folks being excited about transferring. Everyone has taken this stance of "It's not *my* job to deal with the bad behavior," from school safety to the assistant principal. At my school, much like the BOE Human Resources, you can ask 5 different people a question and receive 5 different answers. So the kids literally say and do as they please with no repercussions because no adult in the building is on the same page.
I decided I wouldn't be returning to the school for a third year after my first year ended. I suppose I won't be the only one sprucing up my resume over the next few weeks. One of the teachers has started referring to the Open Market Transfer Period as "T Time" hoping to evade both the administration and the students, but it's clear that people are getting ready to head on out.

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