Thursday, March 6

Spring Forward

I'm finally starting to feel that "It's gonna be a good year" feeling.
Even if my first stop is to the doctor's office in the morning.

I've found a lump. Yup, that kind of lump. But I'm hoping it's not a harmful lump. And, after the initial panic on Tuesday night when I found it, I've refused to let myself get worked up over it.

My job at the middle school (which we just found out will become a K-8 school in September) remains hectic but I did sneak in plenty of fun "no work" moments today. WE are tired. WE wanted to play. So, we did. Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Scattergories, Hangman... we danced to the Electric Slide, they taught me the Cuban Shuffle... with the state math exam next Monday, our Quality Review right after, and another formal observation for me in a few weeks, I feel our break was well deserved.
I'm having fun implementing a ton of new routines. I know, with routines, the earlier the better, but it's never too late. The students aren't having as much fun with them, but they're coming around. I guess they don't have much of a choice if they want a shiny report card.

My half-brother sent me a $100 gift card to Best Buy and I knew what I was going to run and get immediately!

And then there's K.... who has resurfaced with a revelation. That's all I should say about that. Here's hoping to a restful weekend before the games begin.


Anonymous said...

I hope and pray all goes well with your health.

RE: Having fun with the students: I made mine work this past week - right up until the 2:45 pm bell that not only signaled the end of the day but also the end of school for two weeks.

That said, I need to learn to have fun more often with the students.

Anonymous said...

Praise God for the good news re: your doctor's visit.:)

Anonymous said...

I am really glad that your health is okay! I love your posts about your kids and your classroom. I can tell from reading them that you are a great teacher, and your students love you! One of the challenges I have learned with homeschooling is distractions. I do the same thing with my kids when they are distracted. Art and music is a easy substitute for me.
Have a great week!:)

tree said...

goodness, i'm glad you're okay b. more than that, i'm glad you're also feeling well. i'm hoping spring reaches you soon... god knows i'm ready for it.

ahnka said...

Thank you all. After a loooong day at a few doctor's offices, I'm told that I'm okay (no cysts or cancer).

Miss Profe,
Welcome! Thanks for all the comments.

Very few times I'll give in to their desire for "free" time. But when I see that they're not going to stay engaged no matter what, and especially on days when the administration has pissed me off, I'm all for the games. It's never "do whatever you want kids" ... so I keep my room (and my mind) stocked with lots of word games.