Monday, February 18

Brown Skin Lady Arts: Muhsinah

I am not a music reviewer. Partly because I don't see the point. Partly because I never know what to say about a musician or song I like other than it's "beautiful" "amazing" "fresh" "lovely"... (like I said, just go listen to the music here) All that applies to Muhsinah, who is crazy talented and whose music I have been listening to and loving for a few months now. Lots of bloggers have been writing about her talents and I ain't surprised so many folks are embracing her. She's got this spirit about her that we sometimes don't get to see from many artists.

I like when I find out about good things accidentally. I came across her music while checking out an ex's myspace page. Yup. I'm very excited to see what else she has in store.


NYC Teaching Fellow said...

peace. have a great vacation out in CA!

Anonymous said...

I dig her music too! I was just checking out that video a couple of days ago. I love the mood of it! Have a safe trip sis!:)

Kiandra said...

i hope you are feeling better..and got the heart pain thing all figured out..

i hope you love it here in cali this weekend...sorry the weather is acting up...

i can't wait to go explore muhsinah...this is exactly how i felt when i found ayo.

have a peaceful vacation!